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Air Cargo Week is the world’s only weekly newspaper published for the air logistics professional. Our readers from all categories of the air logistics business include executives from airlines, airports, cargo handlers, freight forwarders, general sales agents and logistic service providers, the very people that keep this major global industry on the move. Each weekly issue of this publication contains up-to-date news and information from all corners of the logistics business, plus interviews with prominent industry figures and topical regional and subject features presented in an authoritative yet easy-to-read editorial format. Air Cargo week also appears in a digital format and its news content is the driver of a number of significant web sites around the world including the renowned a
Fukuoka Airport
福岡空港は、昭和19年2月に旧陸軍が席田飛行場として建設に着手し、昭和20年5月に滑走路が完成しましたが、終戦により昭和20年10月に米軍に接収されるところとなり、その後米軍管理のもと板付基地として運営されてきました。 この間、昭和26年10月に民間航空の国内線として、東京―大阪―福岡の 航空路が開設され、昭和40年9月には定期国際線として、福岡―釜山の航空路が開設されるところとなり、以来西日本における国際線を有する幹線空港として米軍管理の下で発展してきました。 その後、昭和45年12月に日米安全保障協議委員会において運輸省への移管が決まり、昭和47年4月に運輸大臣が設置し及び管理する第二種空港として供用が開始され、同時に「公共用飛行場周辺における航空機騒音による障害の防止等に関する法律」による特定飛行場に指定されました。
Every airport has a unique three-letter IATA code. Some make sense if you know the city or the name of the airport and others, well, what the heck? Turns out there’s usually a reasonable explanation. Knowing what each IATA code stands for isn’t super useful, but it sure can be fun.
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FlightGlobal is an online news and information website which covers the aviation and aerospace industries. It also provides a community area for numerous distinct communities within those industries. The website was established in February 2006 as the website of Flight International magazine, Airline Business, ACAS, Air Transport Intelligence (ATI), The Flight Collection and other services and directories.
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Air Cargo News publishes industry newspapers and magazines and digital information for senior executives, managers and sales agents in the freight forwarding, airline, airport and cargo handling sector. It is based at Sutton in Surrey in the United Kingdom, and is part of the Hamburg-based DVV Media Group.
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ABOUT US Air Cargo World is an award-winning digital publication with over 75 years of industry experience. Founded in 1942, the magazine aims to provide air logistics professionals with insightful information using data analysis, feature articles, and in-depth coverage of events and trends affecting their business and the airfreight logistics industry. Its readership consists of logistics professionals, airline and airport executives, freight forwarders, importers, exporters, and others who manage or purchase transportation products and services within the airfreight supply chain. Air Cargo World presents the annual Air Cargo Excellence (ACE) Awards, which ranks the best performing airports and carriers, as well as the Air Cargo Executive of the Year award, given to a noteworthy air logi