In international logistics, international multimodal transport – a rational combination of various transport modes, such as seaborne, railway, airborne and trucking services – has grown dramatically in line with the development of containerization. Demand for international multimodal transport services – in which single operators carry cargoes, taking responsibility and charging freight rates for entire processes – is increasing year-by-year. In October 1981, Japanese international freight forwarders (IFFs), which were engaged in international transport to meet the demand of the times, established a voluntary organization to address common issues facing them. In October 1985, Japan International Freight Forwarders Association, Inc. (JIFFA) was approved as an incorporated association by
FMFF was registered in September 1987 as a National Association representing the Freight Forwarders in the logistics industry. In 2000, the Ministry of Transport endorsed and recognized FMFF as a national Association to represent the logistics industry. Current membership in FMFF nationwide is about 1091 members.
Persatuan Penghantar Fret Johor or better known as the Johor Freight Forwarders Association (JOFFA) was established in 1978 (formally known as Persatuan Ejen-Ejen Kastam Dan Pengangkutan or Customs Forwarding and Transport Agents Association Johor Bahru till 1996).
Established in 2003, JCtrans Logistics Network (www.jctrans.net) is a global logistics network. Since founded, JCtrans relies on e-commerce and online public platform to provide global networking services for freight forwarders and other logistical service providers, by means of network marketing promotion, transaction, settlement platform, financial protection, credit system and other diversified services. With abundant domestic and international resources of logistics and trading industry, JCtrans aims to build a centralized, safe and fast logistics transaction and settlement platform, on which traders can seek freight forwarders to expand procurement channels and freight forwarders offer logistics solution services to global partners to build long-term cooperation relationships.
The World Customs Organization (WCO), established in 1952 as the Customs Co-operation Council (CCC) is an independent intergovernmental body whose mission is to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of Customs administrations. Today, the WCO represents 183 Customs administrations across the globe that collectively process approximately 98% of world trade. As the global centre of Customs expertise, the WCO is the only international organization with competence in Customs matters and can rightly call itself the voice of the international Customs community.
IOE is the sole representative of business in social and employment policy debates taking place in the ILO, across the UN, G20 and other emerging forums. For the past 100 years and on behalf of our more than 150 member countries, we also strive to leverage our unique experience, expertise and advocacy to influence debates on the most pressing issues for business and employers worldwide. Employers and businesses today face a rising number of challenges from skills development, labour migration, and the evolving nature of work itself, just to name a few. To meet them, IOE is constantly growing its international role as it represents employer organisations and their members in an increasing number of global forums. Our ambition is: To be a powerful and balanced business voice for shaping a
Indian Ports Association (IPA) was constituted in 1966 under Societies Registration Act, primarily with the idea of fostering growth and development of all Major Ports which are under the supervisory control of Ministry of Shipping. Over the years, IPA has consolidated its activities and grown strength by strength and considered to be a think tank for the Major Ports with the ultimate goal of integrating the maritime sector.
FNC is a global logistics network of over 400 medium sized Freight Forwarding and logistic companies in more than 100 countries around the world. It is this unique multidisciplinary methodology to serving clients that makes FNC different. FNC Group is a reputed Freight Network emerged as a bridge to connect the freight forwarders across the globe under one roof to develop business prospects, international friendship, trust and confidence among our members. Started with few members in the group, has now been filled with many partners and each day the network is growing in an aim to connect nook and corner of the forwarders world.
The IFA was established in 1992 by a handful of companies. Meanwhile, our network has more than 40 independent, small and medium-sized forwarders throughout Europe. The IFA has become a recognized network in the European logistics and transport sector for over 20 years.
Federation of Freight Forwarders' Associations in India (FFFAI) is the Apex Body and the Sole Representative of 28 Member Associations from all over India representing 6500 Customs Brokers (employing over 1,10,000 people). In addition, organisation thatis directly or indirectly connected with freight forwarding, shipping and commerce are also associated with FFFAI.